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Our Projects

Here you can find our current projects

Project Funding

Mandelzweig Projekthilfe e.V. supports development initiatives. Currently, our main focus is on India, more precisely in Assam and Orissa. Together with our local project partners, we implement various small projects that are intended to help the local people to a more self-determined life.

The credo "help for self-help" is strongly in the foreground. Through sustainability, we want to form a solid basis from which self-sufficient further training is made possible. Here you will find an overview of our ongoing projects as well as our successfully completed projects.

Tea guest house and documentation centre

A tea information and documentation centre with a guest house is being built in Rangapara (Assam). There should be the opportunity to get to know the cooperative tea gardens and the concept of social tea. Retrained tea workers run the house, which is open to tourists. Training courses and smaller conferences can also be held in the building.

Founding a Tea Kooperative

The foundation of the tea cooperative is based on the successful project of the Social Tea Plantation Uttar Nowgaon, which was opened in April 2016 thanks to the support of Mandelzweig-Projekthilfe e.V. Together with the project partner, another plant in Assam is under construction, which is to be operated by the tea cooperative in the future. The members of the tea cooperative operate the plant and use it to Top-up income.

Sanitary program at the "Little Angle School"

In the farthest north-east of India lies the state of Manipur, 40 km west of the capital Imphal is the Little Angel School near the National Highway. Urgently needed sanitary facilities with water tanks for this school. Around 250 children from the surrounding villages in the Senapati district attend this school.

Reforestation and self-help program for Adivasi families in Assam

With the reforestation program, the Adivasi families, who mostly live from day to day with day laborers, are able to earn an independent income. The money generated by the sale of their grown fruits can be used, for example, for the education of their children. The program includes the financing of seeds and young plants, as well as agricultural training of the participants.


The LETTERCROSSING project is an exchange of letters between already 400 German and Indian students in order to facilitate cultural and linguistic exchange between the countries. Thus, the young people learn from each other at eye level, whereby the curiosity about previously foreign cultures is awakened. The writing about everyday life, about traditions and politics, dreams and future plans between the corresponding students enables the reflection of one's own culture and should represent the beginning of a dialogue about similar and different aspects of both cultures.

Sports and playgrounds at Nimapara School in Puri District

The sri Aurobindo village school in Nimapara in Puri district (Odisha) and its playground were largely destroyed by Zykon Fani in May 2019. The reconstruction of the playground has already begun, financed by the Mandelzweig Projekthilfe e.V. many pieces of play equipment as well as a basketball and badminton court were donated. Donations are still urgently needed for the renovation of the school.

Student Hostel in Jiagahuro (Assam)

In Jiagabhuro (Assam), a teahouse hostel for children and young people from tea worker families is being built. Around 20 children will move into the hostel, who are still at school in Rangapara. In the future, they will visit the school located right next to the hostel. Good Shepherd School is a private, independent school. The school was opened only a few years ago.

Completed Projects

We focus primarily on two essential areas: (education) training and fair working conditions / human rights. The construction of classrooms and sanitary facilities is intended to enable the children of the region to have a better school day. The children's right to play and live in a livable environment has a special significance.

Fair wages and working conditions for tea workers and the establishment of cooperative structures are sought by the association. For this purpose, aid programs are set up.

The agricultural programs are aimed at entire village communities. Here, both food and income sources are to be created through the expansion of agricultural land and the transfer of the right know-how.

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