Education and Health Program Aashraya

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Education and Health Program Aashraya

In the east of India is the state of Orissa (Odisha). It is one of the poorest areas of the country. The economic center of this state is located in the capital, Bhubaneswar. The city of Puri is very popular with pilgrims and tourists, as it is home to the famous Jagannath temple, one of the most important Vishnuite temples in India. The Sun Temple of Konthak can also be found near Puri.

The state of Orissa is home to one of the world's most important bauxite mining regions. Land evictions of the indigenous people (Adivasi) and serious environmental pollution are the result of the ongoing bauxite boom in the aluminium industry. Child labour is widespread. Quarry operators from Andrah Pradesh are aggressively poaching children to the neighboring state for hard seasonal work. In large parts of Orissa, the annual monsoon is particularly strong. Floods have not been a rarity in recent years.

Project history and equipment

The nine project villages Ghatakudi, Goudaranapada, Krishnasaranpur, Balikerapachhipala, Sahanikera, Rahadamala, Nisibhanra, Ghanapana and Gaudiaghai are located in the Brmahagiri block in Puri district. A total of 12,322 inhabitants live in these villages (Balikerapachhipala is the largest with 2,466 inhabitants, Ghanapana is the smallest village with 533 inhabitants). Of the 929 families, over 20% are Adivas. The project works with these Adivasi families, as they are significantly disadvantaged. The drop-out rate of children (who have to leave school early) has been reduced from about 60% to 20% in recent years due to Aashraya's project work.

Nevertheless, the rate is still too high, so that illiteracy is also widespread among children and young people. Poverty within the project region is strikingly high, although the opportunities for development are rather above average. The tourist stronghold of Puri can be easily reached within an hour. There are numerous markets in a larger catchment area.

Project Funding

Mandelzweig-Projekthilfe e.V. supports the following focal points of Aashraya's project work: Education and health work at the nine schools (connection of areas II and III): With the support of Mandelzweig-Projekthilfe e.V., school libraries are set up at each school. Furthermore, the children's right to play and sport is a special concern of the cooperation. So far, there are hardly any fields, playing materials (balls, clubs, etc.). These are to be created and material made available. Not only first aid kits, but especially water filters will be installed at each school. The diarrhoeal diseases in the region are immense, so that a clean water supply provides a quick remedy here. Furthermore, the participation of children is of particular importance. Boxes are introduced in the libraries in which the children write down and interject their problems and needs. They are evaluated monthly by the teacher-parent committee so that improvements can be made in a timely manner.

The project was funded by the Schöck Family Foundation.

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Costs of the education and health program:
Rbs 156.500 (ca. 2.080 Euro) plus Rbs 99,000 (approx. 1,320 euros) for the expansion of the play and sports area

Project partner in India:
Aashraya, Bhubaneswar, (Orissa)

Cooperation partners in Germany:
There is the possibility of a school partnership

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