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In the rural areas of Odisha, a girl's chances of getting a good education and realizing her dreams are severely limited by gender inequality. Lack of menstrual education and hygiene, as well as the threat of sexual assault, force many girls to drop out of school and marry early. In order to give these girls the opportunity to realize their dreams and create a better future for themselves and thus also for their families and communities, we have launched the project "Girls Empowerment", which consists of three categories.

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Period Power

To this day, menstruation is a taboo in Indian society, and discrimination against menstruating women is widespread. While menstruation women are often excluded from social and religious events, have no access to temples and sanctuaries, and are even kept out of the kitchens. Parents rarely prepare their daughters for menstruation, which leads to great anxiety, restlessness and discomfort. From an early age, the girls learn to live with the pain and fear and rarely seek help for their physical or mental ailments. In addition, menstrual articles are often not available in the poorer sections of the population, so that unsanitary rags or the like are used.

Period Power has the following objectives:

  • Aufklärung von heranwachsenden Mädchen in vier Schulen über Gesundheit und Hygiene während der Menstruation, reproduktive Gesundheit.
  • Sensitization of parents and teachers to the topic of menstruation and its removal of taboos.
  • Provision of a variety of hygiene products for adolescent girls of the participating schools and distribution of educational material.

The pilot program will be carried out at four schools over a period of one academic year.

Self-defense training for girls

In India, young girls are an easy prey for abuse and domestic violence, which is often unreported. In rural areas, parents are reluctant to send their daughters to school because they fear for their safety. As a result, many girls do not go to school and are married early. Data released by India's National Crime Records Bureau shows that kidnapping, abduction and sexual offences against children are among the two most common crimes against children. 28% of all rape victims were girls under the age of 18 and of the total number of children missing in 2018, 70% were girls. Self-defense means freedom for women.  Protecting herself is a priority, and every girl deserves to know the right skills to defend herself in case danger is imminent.

The self-defense project has the following objectives:

  • 100 girls from Aurobindo Purnanga Shiksha Kendra School are taught self-defense techniques weekly.
  • By learning self-defense techniques, women build confidence in physical resilience and feel safer and more relaxed in potentially dangerous areas.
  • You will learn the right techniques to fend off attackers.

The pilot project is planned for one year.

Inspiring women

Every girl who grows up dreams of being someone later if she is a woman. Someone who is beautiful, strong and perhaps famous. Girls in the rural areas of Odisha are no exception. To help them believe in their dreams and help them shape a better future, we will send them inspiring books and help them meet inspiring women, both virtually and in person. Help us realize their dreams and create a better world where every girl's wishes can come true.

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