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The Project: Lettercrossing

The LETTERCROSSING project is an initiative that promotes cultural and linguistic exchange between more than 40 school classes in Germany and India. The aim of the project is to create a dialogue about the similarities and differences between the two cultures and to stimulate reflection and tolerance through the exchange of letters. The students are brought together with pen pals in the other country and write in English about their everyday lives, traditions, dreams and plans for the future. This promotes the development of language skills and raises awareness of the importance of learning a foreign language in a globalized world. The project has been running successfully since 2019 and is carried out in cooperation with the partner organization Aashraya, which conducts workshops with Indian classes and teachers. The exchange of letters promotes mutual learning, breaks down prejudices and arouses curiosity about the other country and foreign cultures. Our organization is constantly looking for grants and donations to support educational and cultural exchange programs like this one.

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Together for Protection- Help during the Corona Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a serious impact on children and young people living in rural areas and slums in India, where access to clean water and medical care is limited. In order to combat the spread of the virus, Mandelzweig has launched project aid "Together for Protection". As part of this project, we provided 750 Indian students from the schools cooperating with us with essential items such as masks, soap, disinfectant and information material on how to protect themselves from the virus. In addition, each package included a skipping rope, and toy libraries were set up at two schools where students could borrow toys. The aim of the project was to support and supervise the students during the lockdown and to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. The project has now been successfully completed, but the LETTERCROSSING continues to take place at the schools.

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Sports project in March 2021

The team of "Jersey for the World" has actively supported our sports project to promote the education of girls in rural India. Together we collected almost 1100 sporting goods, including jerseys, pants, shoes, socks and balls, which were distributed to our partner schools and orphanages in Bhubaneswar. In addition, a football tournament was organized for girls' teams from three schools, which brought a lot of joy and encouraged the girls to play sports. The girls wore their own jerseys and learned that they have a right to development and a better future. Sport connects people, reduces fears, facilitates learning and boosts self-confidence. We would like to thank "Jersey for the World" and all supporters for the great cooperation in providing postage and clothing. The project has been completed.

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Emergency response after cyclone in July 2021

In May 2021, severe cyclone YAAS devastated the coastal region of Odisha, causing loss of life and damage to homes, agricultural land and livelihoods. Our partner organization AASHRAYA visited the affected areas and collected information on the basic needs of those in need of protection, especially people with disabilities, the elderly and the long-term sick in the slums of Bhubaneswar and the nearby areas of Puri and Nimapara. As part of the project, relief supplies, dry food, tarpaulins and disinfectants were distributed to the affected households. Some households also received cash to buy medicines for their children's illnesses. The project was successfully completed and helped many people in the affected areas to recover from the effects of the cyclone and the Covid 19 pandemic.

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Project history and equipment

Since 2017, more and more students have been participating in the project, so that a total of 6 school partnerships have now been established. At the start of the project, each Indian class receives a suitcase with writing utensils and an English dictionary, which is filled out every year. In addition, our project partner, together with the responsible teacher, supports the children and young people during the writing process. Once a year, a joint workshop takes place.

Project Funding

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We would like to thank the North German Foundation for Environment and Development (NUE), GLS Treuhand and German-Indische Gesellschaft Berlin (DIG) for the financial support for this or past years. The Together for Protection project was also generously supported by the Lions Club. The sports project was only made possible with the help of "Trikot für die Welt e.V.". Nevertheless, we need your help for the annual implementation of the "Lettercrossing" program. You can donate via the donation form or by sending an SMS to 81190. Thank you!

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Current funding framework for the LETTERCROSSING project:
3.050 € for 1 year

Project partner in India:
Aashraya, Orissa

Cooperation partners in Germany:
This programme is partly funded by the North German Foundation for Environment and Development (NUE).

The coordinators of lettercrossing from the German and Austrian side.

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