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Sanitary program Little Angel School

In the farthest north-east of India lies the state of Manipur, bordering Myanmar. The state is characterized by the high mountains and stony rocks. The few main roads through the mountains are sometimes closed for a few days or weeks due to rock erosion and runoff. Due to the uneven roads and mountain passes, the maximum speed is 20 km/h. About 40 km west of the capital Imphal is the Little Angel School near the National Road.

Around 250 children from the surrounding villages in the Senapati district attend this school. 10 children stay in the adjacent hostel. The rural area of the state is mostly Christian, while more Hindus live in the cities. Almost all students come from Christian homes (mostly Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic and to a lesser extent Pentecostal).

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Project history and equipment

Little Angel School was founded as an English Medium-Co-Education Institution in 2003. Since 2009, the school has been state-registered and recognized as a public-general education school. 21 teachers and four staff are employed at the school (mostly on an hourly or part-time basis). The staff room is 15×20 m tall, damp and equipped with plastic chairs. There is neither a library nor computer access. The classroom is divisible so that two classes can be taught at the same time. The other courses take place in the schoolyard.

Families pay a wage-related school fee. Some families cannot afford this contribution. Some children come to school without school uniforms. Literature/language competitions and sports activities are a focus within the school's profile. In 2014, a peace painting competition was held at the school, supported by the Henry Martin Institute in Hyderabad.

Project Diary

Little Angel School - Project video before the start of construction

Project Funding

The Mandelzweig-Projekthilfe e.V. supports the construction of a sanitary facility with water tanks. Three toilets each for the women's and men's toilets are to be created. For this purpose, two toilet houses will be built. The total cost of the construction facility with repairs to the school building is calculated at Rbs. 1,000,000 (about 13,000 €) and listed in detail.

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Costs for classroom construction:
Rbs 1.000.000 (ca. 13.000 Euro)

Project partner in India:
Little Angel School, Senapati (Manipur)

Cooperation partners in Germany:
There is the possibility of a school partnership

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