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Landwirtschaftsprogramm in Jiaghaburo (Assam)

An ecological co-operated garden on the Church campus in Jiaghaburo was created as part of a training program. The garden is intended to strengthen the local self-help groups (34 women).

The vegetables are sold at local markets and the proceeds go to the families of the women. The men of the families are mostly day laborers. Some women are single with their children. The program helps families to overcome poverty better.

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Project history and equipment

All inhabitants of the village are Lutheran Christians, because their ancestors immigrated from the Jeypore Church in Orissa (Koraput District) to the north-east of India to find work in the tea plantations. So there is a small village church in the village. A housing program was carried out here in 2013, so that even the poorest families can now live in bamboo and stone houses. This program was financed by the help of the Center for Mission and Ecumenism – nordkirche weltweit, Hamburg. There was also an emergency food supply.

There are 2 Women-Self-Help groups (SHG). One group consists of 11 members, the other of 10 members. These SHGs generate around 600 kg of harvest per harvest period, which corresponds to a revenue of Rbs. 6,000 for each group (the equivalent of about 85 euros). The money is divided among the group members. All members of the SHG, as well as almost all villagers, are illiterate. The state schools are only moderately functioning.

Project Funding

In Jiagabhuro, there is a women's self-help group that creates a common kitchen garden and sells the proceeds at the markets. The money generated is shared. This also includes regular training on how to cultivate organic vegetables.

The facility is being built next to the new hostel Jiagabhuro and will supply fresh vegetables, especially for the kitchen of the youth facility.

The project is part of the structural program "Jiagabhuro Church Campus", on which a tea factory is to be built.

Next to the garden there is a fish table, which is part of the program. A total of around 30 women are employed in the project. There are five self-help groups.

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Cost of agricultural training:
2000 €

Project partner in India:
AELC, Jiagabhuro (Assam)

Cooperation partners in Germany:
Zentrum für Mission und Ökumene – Nordkirche Weltweit, Hamburg

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