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Founding a Tea Kooperative

Following the example of the social tea plantation Uttar Nowgaon, which was opened in April 2016 thanks to the support of Mandelzweig-Projekthilfe e.V., the organization is planning another, larger facility in Assam together with the same project partner Assam Evangelical Lutheran Church (AELC).

The new facility will be an ecological tea plantation. It will be operated in a cooperative model, i.e. initially 15 tea families will join the cooperative, which will gradually be expanded. Our own tea factory for preparing and fermenting the tea is currently being set up.

The tea plantation is located in New Tarajuli. Around 12,000 tea plants have been planted so far. However, the facility is to be expanded and tea families are to be provided with their own tea plants.

The Founding of the tea cooperative is scientifically accompanied by the OKD INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL CHANGE AND DEVELOPMENT in Guwahati.
You can get the harvested tea in the Mandelzweig donation shop and thus support the tea cooperative.

Project Funding

The project is funded by the Erbacher Foundation and the Rotary Club Schenefeld.

For the complete implementation we need your donation!

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Costs for the tea plantation:
38.000 Euro

Project partner in India:
AELC, Assam Evangelical Lutheran Church

Cooperation partners in Germany:
Zentrum für Mission und Ökumene – nordkirche weltweit

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